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Our story

Why IEP Advisory?

Danielle and Melanie have been active contributors and keen observers of international education in Australia for over three decades. Their longstanding careers in international student compliance and support have led to a collective, values-based view that exceeding legislated minimum standards is overwhelmingly beneficial for international students and maximises their study experience in Australia. They believe that capacity building for staff is also a core requirement to achieve this objective.

Danielle and Melanie have been key contributors and supporters of international education in a professional and volunteer capacity. They are well-known and respected and have worked together in different capacities. It made sense to join forces to work with international education providers and professional associations to improve their compliance practices, policies and procedures. They believe in working
with clients to meet and exceed minimum standards across the international student journey.  Working together enables their collective experiences to uplift the quality of the Australian international education sector for the benefit of international students.

As IEP Advisory, Danielle and Melanie are a one-shop-stop for their clients. Their areas of expertise capture the international student journey from admissions to orientation to enrolment to course completion. Visit our IEP services page to find out how.

IEP offers services to education providers who are CRICOS-registered or seeking CRICOS registration. This will be of particular interest to those providers who do not have specialist ESOS knowledge within their organisation and seeking external advice. This includes
HESF – Institutes of Higher Education, University Colleges, Australian Universities, Overseas Universities as well as Vocational Education Training Providers.

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Danielle Hartridge

Danielle is a leading expert in international education with extensive experience working in the university sector. Danielle’s career spans more than 30 years where she has held senior roles and was ISANA National President from 2010-2013. Danielle has a deep understanding of the international education landscape and works closely with international education providers, offering consultation and advice on international education matters related to the international student experience and ESOS compliance.

A regular contributor to professional development activities, through the development of online resources and face- to-face workshops.

Danielle is the recipient of the prestigious IEAA Distinguished Contribution to International Education Award, the Victorian Multicultural Award for Service Delivery to a Multicultural Victoria and is an ISANA Life Member. Danielle has previously served on the IEAA Board, the IEAA Admissions and Compliance Network, the IEAA Student Life Network and is currently ISANA Vice President Professional Development.

Melanie Duncan

Melanie has nearly twenty-five (25) years’ experience in higher education with extensive expertise in international admissions; designing and implementing policies, procedures and processes within an ESOS/TEQSA framework; leading international-specific campuses for both universities and third-party providers; transitioning pathway students to higher education; and leading teams of international education professionals across all tertiary international student lifecycle administrative processes and wellbeing service delivery.

Much of Melanie’s work has been working with international students to overcome their academic and personal hurdles.

Her extensive experience working with students has seen her work broaden in recent years to design higher education policy and procedures and develop student-centred wellbeing programs to enable physically and emotionally safe learning environments.

Melanie’s work embeds enterprise-wide risk management practices with key compliance responsibilities a part of her management roles since 2006. Over this time, she has been responsible for ensuring that her providers’ and teams’ processes, policies and practices meet the obligations of the ESOS Act 2000; National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education to Overseas Students (2007 & 2018); Disability Standards for Education 2005; TEQSA Equity; Diversity and Wellbeing; Safety Guidelines; and Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021.

Melanie is well-known and respected for her volunteer commitments to peak organisations International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) and ISANA International Education Association. Melanie was awarded ISANA Life Membership in 2014 for her commitment to the
association as the ISANA NSW Branch President and National Vice-President. She has also served a term as the Student Life Network Convenor for IEAA. During her terms at IEAA; ISANA, Melanie was responsible for the development and facilitation of ongoing professional development activities and training for both associations.

In addition to her professional development program commitments, Melanie has actively contributed to the following resources, developed and designed to benefit the international education industry:

  • The Rainbow Guide: Student Education Project – Orientation and Pre-Arrival Handbook
  • Education Agents Manual (author)
  • National Code Tutorial
  • Employing international students and graduates: Information and guidelines for employers (co-
  • Preparing for Student Life in Australia; Looking after Yourself and Finding Support modules – Epigeum International Student Success Program (author)

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